Bum Wine #1

Welcome to the first edition of the Courteous Family blog.  My name is
Tone and I will be your host for this evening.  I’m not exactly sure
what this blog will be about, but for the most part I’ll try to keep
it related to the going-ons within the crew and at our home base here
in the great city of Los Angéles.  Finding myself back at home for the
first time in nearly two months, we are finally starting to get back
in the full swing of things after the whirlwind of the holiday season.
With a fresh year on our plates and a painful hunger to realize the
potential of what this label will become, there is a feeling of
general excitement in the air.  Let me assure you, the next year has
many good things in store for all of you who are interested in what we
do.  We’re excited to tell you all about what we’ve been working on.
Let me see… whats going on, whats going on… well our day one home
slice Tsuruda is currently on Mr. Carmack’s Original Sound tour!  We
are all hyped for him and he’s undoubtedly getting into some
shenanigans out there.  Definitely go check that show out if they’re
in your city… ALSO, Huxley Anne is February’s month long resident at
Low End Theory.  Preeeeeetty crazy, huh?  It’s wild how these things
happen.  The LET crew has been a huge source of inspiration for all of
us over the years and its truly amazing to see all my friends becoming
regulars at that party.  Over the past year or so, we’ve developed a
close relationship with the folks at LET and Alpha Pup and it truly
feels like we have the best team in the world behind us- and for that
we’re forever grateful…  It’s becoming increasingly evident to me that
when you decide where you’d like your life to go and you truly drop
out everything else, all the background noise, naysayers, and
distractions, things begin to fall into place more perfectly than you
would think. It’s really a comforting thought when you accept it as
the truth.  Ahh, Miss Universe how I love you and your mysterious
ways... Other than that, the whole team continues to create stockpiles
of highly explosive-ballistic-fire missiles in the form of music and
artwork and we’re doing our best to bring that to your eyes and ears
at regular intervals.  But its back to the swing of things here, the
sun is shining and it feels like its giving us all warm hugs.  The
birds are chirping softly in the distance singing like god damn Ella
Fitzgerald up there.  The neighbors are gossiping and today we saw
Andrew Reynolds at the skatepark.  So yeah, its all good, we chillin,
doing it live, coming at you direct from the belly of the beast.  Keep
it real brothers and sisters, see you next time.