Bum Wine #3

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  Its a grey day here in LA,
Califor-ni-A, US of A.  But the mood is far from somber.  In fact the
air is quite electric.  Hapa and Herzeloyde are downstairs making
beats, spliffs are in rotation, and generally everything is going
along smoothly.  Its a far cry from glitz and glamour, but its better
than that because we are doing things we actually care about and not
wasting our time with things we don’t.  I think that working a job or
studying something that you have no emotional attachment to, not
only takes time away from pursuing your own ideas, but also makes it
gradually harder and harder to access and believe in those ideas.  Its
like, the more you get used to being told what to do all the time, the
less likely you’ll be to take a risk and pursue the fruits of your own
imagination.  I mean, why would you if everything is provided for,
your warm, safe, you have a place to live, food to eat, your wife and
kids are happy and healthy.  You know what I say? Fuuuuuggit. Im
trying to live.  GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN.  Or, do whatever the
hell you want to do.  Its that simple.  Im a believer… Weeeeell
congrats to Courteous co-founder Tristan aka Hapa aka Tree aka Trio
aka Triayudees aka Trey-stoon who just graduated college and happy
birthday to squad members Gaveinsteigger and Huxley Anne!! Woot
wooooooot.  Thats cool.  This week was also the last of Huxley Anne’s
month long residency at Low End Theory and she closed it out with a
crazy set with her new live band, Trash Altar.  Basically these
mothafuckas brought 2 modular synthesizers to the club and went in,
patching cables, turning knobs, the whole shabang.  All the while, the
homie Blair McGloiry, who is one of the finest drummers I’ve ever
seen, [shoutout Blair] is finessing on the set and my man Flavio’s
fingers are flying up and down the frets of a midi guitar that’s
somehow spitting out wonked out bass tones among other strange noises.
It’s a pretty wild and unprecedented type of band and it will surely
be super interesting to see where that leads in the future… NEXT MONTH
is going to be our first big release of the year with a brand new full
length project from Aztek.  So excited to share this project with the
world.  Aztek has been killing it for a long time and still people
sleep..  GET WITHIT ALREADY.  I think this project is going to change
all that though.  The tunes are straight murder.  In cold blood,
premeditated.  So be on the lookout for “Summit" coming at you real
soon.  ALSO, below are dates for Gangus’ March tour surrounding the
release of his new album “Anti-Self", check it out and show some love
if he’s in your city… Until next time. - Tone

gangus march tour.jpg